About us


On the basis of innovation, high quality, and excellent service, Protego International Company Limited aims at being a reliable partner in the market of surface treatment and maintenance products.


To be a leading Asia company in this field.


To supply innovative high quality products with sustainable solutions..

Scandinavian care for wood – it all began a long time ago

Natural products for the treatment of wood have been around in Scandinavia for many years. Scandinavians are fond of their soft wood floors and furniture and to prevent soft wood from maturing into a yellow and red colour, soft wood lye was used already more than 100 years ago. Later on in the “evolution” of natural coating products, natural soaps and oils were developed and generally accepted by the markets worldwide. Some 20 years ago, the first natural oils for industrial application in floor factories and furniture factories were introduced and are now generally accepted for finishing of wood floors for both residential and commercial areas.

Our range of finishing products for the floor and furniture industry is a system beginning with basic treatment and continuing with products for maintenance and repair. The products are complementing each other and respecting wood as a precious material, ensuring a healthy living environment, and not exposing our environment to non decomposable chemicals.


Protego International Company Limited offers products for surface finishing, cleaning and maintenance of interior and exterior wood work. We are focused on development of improved and intelligent solutions for the preservation of wood – functionality is a major feature in our development work too as well as environmentally friendly components.


Protego International Company Limited is focusing on developing and supplying high quality and environmentally friendly products. Protego International Company Limited products are tested and certified by well recognized European institutes. All our raw materials are imported from European suppliers and comply with European standards in every aspect.


Protego International Company Limited is reliable supplier of wood care products to many projects both new constructions and renovations. The close cooperation with the construction industry, interior designers, and architects means that we are involved in many projects and we are pleased to make reference to some of our many projects worldwide.